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The Wonderful Journey of Nils Games

Selma Lagerlef is a Swedish writer, the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature and, of course, the author of the famous book "The Wonderful Journey of Nils with Wild Geese". We offered the participants of the "Game Library" as a creative task to play according to the plot of this book. And that's what came out of it…

All through November we listened, watched, and played by the book with Nils.

The children liked these games:

Smirre's Pursuit of Nils

We tried to see if it was easy for Smirre to catch up with Nils when he was hanging on his tail. And then it was easy to laugh at it!A string was tied to the belt, and a constructor was hung on it, and the children tried to control it, it turned out that it was not easy to lower it even into a bucket, and if you stand on all fours and chase the tail, then the task is impossible. True, my daughter guessed that it was possible to hit a tree with her tail, for example.

Smirre's Pursuit of Nils

Foxes and geese

After playing with the "tails". We decided to stay a little longer and try to get close to the geese when they are sleeping. At first I was a fox, the geese "fell asleep" and then the fox began to get close to them, when the geese "woke up", the fox had to freeze and not find himself in anything. The children were very attentive, flew away from me, but my daughter turned out to be a cunning fox. I moved very carefully, took out the ducks.


When we listened to the fairy tale, my daughter had a question: why couldn't Martin thank the squirrel for the nuts? We tried to test it experimentally. They put nuts in their mouths and started talking, firstly it was hard to talk with nuts in their mouths, secondly, they lost the nuts. The conclusion of the daughter was pleased: it was necessary to put the nuts to Martin first, then thank him, and then put the nuts back in his beak and fly.

Collecting nuts

We tried to "paws" to collect nuts, or rather to shift them from the carpet to the basin. A very good exercise for the legs.

Collecting nuts

Anna Korchagina

I have heard about the book "The Wonderful Journey of Nils with Wild Geese" from various sources. Thanks to the "Igrotek" I got a great reason to buy it and read it. We read the first chapter, and the next day we had a game based on it. Vladik participated for 6 years — I did tasks for him, and Nastya for 2.2 years — she participated wherever she could. They played in such a way that I briefly retold the plot of the chapter and interweaved games and tasks there.


They remembered that the dwarf offered 1 gold coin and 1 chain for freedom. They imagined that one chain is equal to two gold ones, and counted how many gold coins would be needed for different combinations of coins and chains. We had designer parts with coins, counting sticks with chains.


Catch the gnome

The children stretched out their hands (i.e. the gnome) on a flat surface, and I caught them by slapping my hand from above. The children should have had time to withdraw their hand. A very fun game. Then Vladik took a real gnome figurine in his hand and played with it.

Catch the gnome

Word Game

They remembered that Nils had shrunk. We played with words: I called the usual word, Vladik — his small version: window-window, nose-nose, etc.

Catch a goose

A gray scarf became a goose. I was leading him across the floor, and my son had to catch up with him and jump on him with two legs — to catch a goose. Then it's my daughter's turn. Outdoor games in my family love, played for a long time.

Catch a goose

Blind the goose

We finished everything with creativity, we made geese out of air plasticine.

Blind the goose

Lyubimova Victoria, Vladislav 6 years old, Anastasia 2 years old, Babaevo.

The book is based on the cartoon "The Enchanted Boy", which can be viewed together with children and compare the events of the book and the cartoon:

Have you already played based on Selma Lagerlef's books? Tell us in the comments!Do you want to play with your child easily and with pleasure?

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