Thematic classes with musical instruments

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Thematic classes with musical instruments

As in other areas, thematic classes in musical development are a simple and convenient way to organize a game that allows you to introduce a child to musical instruments, engage in creativity and pick up a lot of other relevant games.

As part of the creative task in the "Game Library", we asked the participants to conduct a thematic lesson with any musical instrument and share the most interesting moments with us. Catch ready-made scenarios for acquaintance with both a metalphone and a whole scattering of unusual instruments.

Unusual tools

We are participating with Manyasha, 4.8 years old in the project "Little Orchestra". We decided to hold a thematic lesson on unusual tools.

We discussed what else we can play besides the instruments we got to know as part of the project. On spoons, a whistle, a triangle, on a box, on a comb and on everything that your heart desires.

We watched a cartoon from Fixies about unusual instruments and we really liked the rain flute. I wanted to listen to her at home. We prepared a cardboard tube from a towel, various cereals, cardboard for sealing the bottom and colored tape for decoration. In the master class on youtube, it is proposed to make holes with an awl and stick toothpicks there, but since our age is still small, we missed this point.

Rain Flute

We tried the sound of different cereals, liked how the pearl barley is poured. We sealed the bottom of our flute, decorated it and started to cause rain. It was February 25 outside and -20°C.

We discussed what rain is needed for, when it is needed, and tried to increase or decrease the sound, lower our flute at different angles. In general, we have been deceived on February 26 +4 °C and rain…

In addition to the flute, we made a sound lotto. The containers from kinder surprises were filled with identical cereals in pairs (we got 2 barley, 2 oatmeal and 2 pshenki), and then we looked for pairs by sound. At first Manyasha was confused, but the second time she defined everything clearly!

Sound Lotto

Then my son and I started banging our testicles from different parts of the room, Manyasha guessed where we were by the sound.And then we played the game "Rain – sun". When the rain flute sounds, we hide and when the shelter stops, we go out for a walk. From the beginning I was noisy, then my daughter. Everyone was hiding, screaming.At the end of the game, we practiced using spoons to beat the rhythm. My daughter tried to repeat it. It hasn't really worked out yet, but it's all about practice.

Anna Korchagina.


For a thematic lesson, you will need:

  • metallophone (or its image);
  • any other musical instruments that are at home (toy and real): piano, bell, flute,
  • designer.

We study the device of the metallophone

  • We discussed the appearance of the instrument – what does it look like? (possible answers: on the stairs, on the piano, on the fence).
  • We discussed the sound of the instrument – what does it look like? (possible answers: to the bell, to the rain, to the chirping of birds).
  • We played the scale, repeated the notes (do-re-mi-fa ... and in reverse order).
  • Just "rattled".
  • They sang a song accompanied by playing on a metallophone.

We compare the metallophone with other musical instruments

Bell. We found that the metalphone sticks are very similar to the "tongue" of a bell. The bell sounds when a "tongue" hits its walls, and the metallophone sounds when you hit it with a stick. Then I found information on the Internet that the bell is a kind of metalphone!

Piano. Metallophone records are very similar to piano keys. We found images of large metallophones that have a second row of plates – like black keys on a piano.

Accordion. The daughter noted the external similarity of the metallophone with an accordion.

Metallophone and piano

Building a metallophone from a constructor

We constructed a metallophone by looking at a sample. The "plates" were made of different sizes and colors so that the "sound" was also different.

Metalphone made of lego

Fantasizing – what other "backgrounds" are there

  • icicle recorder (remembered how the snowman from the book "Everything about Dedmorozovka" by A. Usachev played on it);
  • gramophone, gramophone (explained to my daughter what it is);
  • phone (here I explained to my daughter that the word "background" means sound, noise, that's why there are so many words with the "background" part).

We are learning the song "Compote" on a metallophone according to an interesting video lesson:

Anna Popova and Euphrosyne 5 years old, St. Petersburg.

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Do you arrange thematic classes with musical instruments? Tell us in the comments!Do you want to play with your child easily and with pleasure?

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