Playing on the winter cartoon "Mittens"

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M/f Mitten Game

After the cartoon games with snowmen "Olaf and the Snowmen", we offered the participants of the "Game Library" as a creative task to come up with their own game based on a winter cartoon. And today we are waiting for a small scenario on the m / f "Mittens" in which you can play almost without preparation with children of different ages. Of course, if you have a lost mitten in stock.

I chose a kind Soviet cartoon "Mittens" for the game.

The puppy from the mittens

Manyasha (5.5 years old) and Danila (2.5 years old) were very imbued with the story of a girl who does not have a pet and were happy to create their puppy from mittens. Then I realized why I didn't throw out the mismatched mittens formed at the beginning of this winter.


They spent their puppies all over the apartment, arranging a tour and at the same time competing whose puppy is faster.


Then they started training pets. After learning the standard commands, we started with non-standard ones. I liked most of all to learn the command "Bring a yellow (round) toy," etc., depending on which toy needed to be removed. Thus, the entire nursery was cleaned.

In general, the dogs turned out to be very smart, almost all the commands were executed.

Obstacle course

Then the relay race followed: an obstacle course was created from improvised materials (chairs, pillows, a sleeping bag), which the dogs first overcame, and then the children themselves. It was not possible to identify the best pet, friendship won.


The children really enjoyed going through the obstacle course instead of puppies, and they decided to try themselves as full-fledged dogs. They tried to execute commands too, but it was more difficult here), they did everything in the game, but they did not want the "household" commands: "peel the onion", "bring tights". 

This is where we finished the game on the m / f "Mittens".

Anna Korchagina.

How do you beat cartoons? Tell us in the comments!Do you want to play with your child easily and with pleasure?

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