"How to train a dragon": a birthday scenario for 7 years

Marina SuzdalevaIt's been a long time since I picked up checkers.

But, although the previous post in this category was also accidentally dedicated to a birthday based on the cartoon "How to train a Dragon", I still want to tell you about our traditional summer holiday for a company of children of different ages from 6 to 12 years old. Vasilisa turned 7 years old, her "cartoons" change almost daily, so the guests were almost not surprised when they came to the party with Lady Bug balls, and they were met by novice dragon riders from Berk Island.

So, right from the gate of our site, we had to go to Berk Island and celebrate Vasilisa's birthday.We learned that the terribly hungry dragon Crimson Ripper stole a birthday cake.To return the cake, the children had to take an express course at the school of dragon riders and prove that they are brave, agile and friendly, like real Vikings.

Crossing the StraitThe description of this game came across to me somewhere on the web, I came up with the rest myself.

The school is located on the island. To get to it, you need to cross the strait. The children lined up from the lowest to the highest and followed me. Along the way we met sharks (jump to the right), piranhas (jump to the left) and killer whales (jump on the spot).

After jumping like that for a while and miraculously not losing our few squad, we ended up on the island at the dragon rider school.

"Feed the dragon"It is known that the way to the dragon's heart is through food, so an important skill of a dragon rider is the ability to feed a dragon.

In the role of the dragon, we had a plastic caterpillar gurney, the front edge of which is raised above the ground. Into this "mouth" it was necessary to throw the fish cones. Each had 4 attempts, the distance to the dragon was adjusted depending on the age and accuracy of the throwers. Few managed to get in, but the training dragon was not very hungry, so everything worked out.

BalanceThe ability to stay on a dragon when it is flying high in the sky is exactly what a dragon rider cannot do without.

We check the ability to balance on the ground. They built a narrow "platform" from improvised means and arranged a pillow fight. The task is to force the enemy to get off the platform.

The game went "with a bang", no one wanted to concede victory.

Explain to the dragonIt is important to be able to explain to the dragon what his rider wants from him.

Dragon language is not easy, it takes a long time to learn it, but you can always explain yourself with gestures. I wrote on the pieces of paper the words — the names of the heroes and dragons from the cartoon "How to train a Dragon" and other related words, for example: Fishlegs, Krushigolov, Snotlout, chief, sheep, etc. Like any other variation of "Crocodile", this game was very popular with children and fascinated them for a long time.

Dragon control Future dragon riders have already mastered the most important skills, and they will have to pass the exam — flying on real dragons. It became known about the impending attack of fire-breathing dragons. To protect homes, you need to prepare a supply of water. Everyone chose a dragon to their liking (a balloon), and the relay race began. Riding on a dragon, holding a ball between their knees, the children flew (jumped, ran) to the nearest pond (pool) and carried water from there in a cup. The team that filled the bucket faster than the other one won.

On this day, the sun was about 33 degrees, and the poor dragons were torn apart, which added even more fun to this competition.

Meeting with the DragonAnd now — the brave dragon riders are ready to meet the Crimson Ripper.

But what does he look like, how do you recognize him? After all, not even all the participants of the holiday watched the cartoon. It doesn't matter, we will draw it together.

They drew with their eyes closed one element at a time (head, torso, hind legs, front paws, wings, tail), while one person was drawing, the others suggested what these body parts look like in the Crimson Ripper, and which way to lead the pencil.

When everyone contributed to the creation of the portrait, the dragon "came to life", admired the courage, strength and intelligence of the children, admitted that he had not come up with anything smarter than hiding the cake in a cold cave and returning it safely in just one dragon dance.

Then we stood in a circle, I turned on the most moving compositions from the soundtrack to the film, and the children took turns going out into the circle and showing the movements, and the rest repeated.

That's all. I think it was the laziest birthday I've ever thought up and spent. All the preparation is to write out the names of the heroes from the fandom, tape a sheet for drawing a dragon on the wall, inflate balloons and find cones.Find more ideas for a children's birthday based on a cartoon, a movie or a series of books "How to train a dragon" here:Birthday scenario for the m/ f "How to train a dragon"

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Do you want to play with your child easily and with pleasure?

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  1. Natalia Karamysheva 28.07.2022

    Marina, super! And this is not a "lazy scenario", but your grandiose experience worked for you. After all, experienced mothers know that it is not the hours of preparation that create the mood, but the ability to create a mood, light up the company and support the fun.

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    1. Marina Suzdaleva 29.07.2022

      Natalia, thank you for the comment. I agree, the mood is very important, otherwise it's not a holiday anymore, but something completely different turns out.

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