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Sea games

The sea is one of the most vivid memories of summer. But, it happens that children, having played enough in a large sandbox, do not know what to do with themselves and begin to get bored. Of course, enthusiastic mothers could not leave this moment without attention and came up with games on the sea. As part of a creative task in the "Game Library", we asked them to share their interesting chips. Now you can use the ideas of simple games and a big story game for the company of guys.


They built a castle out of stones. My son really likes this game, more often they play it with dad.


You need a sheet of paper and markers, pencils or a pen. They drew a squiggle and then thought what it looked like. You can also finish drawing squiggles. My son was very interested. I liked the fact that it develops creative thinking.



We sorted the stones by color. My son and I imagined that stones are food for animals. It is necessary to arrange the food in different piles: white, dark and colored.

Sorting stones

We collected in what we had at hand – slippers and sandals.

We collect stones in slippers

"The Sea"

In order to keep the sea in memory for a longer time, they made a craft: they smeared the cardboard with plasticine, then attached stones and shells that they were looking for on the beach.

Creativity of the Sea

All the games interested the child very much and helped to spend time with interest and keep his son busy. My son is 4.7 years old. All of these games are suitable for any age.

Tamara Berezhinskaya, Krasnodar.

Scenario of the game "Fairy Keepers"

The game is designed for children from 4 years old.

I offered the children to be fairy-tale keepers, they agreed. There was an alarm signal, we looked at the map and determined that the signal had worked at Lukomorye.

We went to Lukomorye (while we were walking, we remembered the verse that Lukomorye should have).


Among the tracks of unknown animals found traces of shoes.


And they came to Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga 's Hut

She said that the pirates stole gold from Koshchei. Koschei is upset. We decided to restore justice.

Together with Baba Yaga, they made a super strength potion. To do this, we needed: bear claws, eagle eyes, wolf paws, monkey tails.

And they also prepared sleepy apples for the pirates, which they then threw at the pirates.

Cooking sleepy apples

Recipe for sleepy apples: brew a potion of sleepy algae, add sand of silence and boil apples in this potion.

Then they found the card in a bottle near the water.


We assembled a raft and set off along the map.

the raft

On the way, I came across a swamp where the Goblin made riddles.


In the forest, the dwarf was helped to gather firewood. And already on the beach they found a place with a treasure, but then pirates appeared.


We fired sleepy apples at the pirates. They put everyone to sleep, dug up the treasure, returned the gold to Koshchei, and left the kinders for themselves.

Glazunova Natalia, Nizhnekamsk.

And how do you play at sea? Tell us in the comments!Do you want to play with your child easily and with pleasure?

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