The scenario of the game based on the poem by Agniya Barto "Funny flower"

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The scenario of the game based on Barto's poem Funny Flower

After the games in the Game Library for the project "Kitten is looking for friends", we offered the participants, as part of a creative task, to come up with their own game scenario based on any poem by Agniya Barto, which was not in the project.

For those who have not played, we will tell you a brief plot of the game. One day a little kitten came to the baby. He was all alone, and he had no friends. Together with the baby, they became friends, began to play and built a big house for the kitten. Only a kitten is bored to live in such a big house alone. Therefore, the kitten and the baby went in search of new toy friends to invite them to live in the house. Every lesson, the kitten and the baby get to know a new friend and play with him.

And today we will get acquainted with the Flower.  

Kitten: Meow-meow. Hey, guys! Are we going to look for a new friend who will live with us in a big house? Let's see who's hiding here? Guess who it is?

Hide a Flower (toy/craft) under a handkerchief/towel/blanket.


These wonders of nature

They like warm weather,

Sun, water and dew,

And a buzzing wasp.

What a miracle in the clearing,

Will we collect it as a gift to mom? (Flowers)

A source

Flower: Hello. I'm a flower!

Kitten: Hello! Let's be friends. Let's go to our house.

Flower: Won't you eat me? Won't you pour water on me?

Kitten: No, what are you? No one eats friends and does not pour water just like that.

Flower: Good. To stay alive with you, you need to repeat a poem about me.

Memorize and train your fingers

Funny flower put in a vase! (wrists joined, fingers splayed, half-bent, lowered in front of you)

It has not been watered once, (we shake our heads)

He does not need moisture, (we swing from side to side with our index fingers)

It's made of paper.

And why is he so important? (we clench our fists and put our hands on our sides)

But because it's paper! (we connect the wrists again, fingers spread out and half-bent. We raise it above our head)

Agnia Barto  

Flower: By the way, many poems and stories have been written about me, and there is also a cartoon.


"Why?"Why on the head

Don't the flowers grow?

After all, they grow in the grass

And on every bump!

If the hair grows,

So they are being planted…

And I have to plant flowers here

They don't allow it!

Why not do so:

Cut off all the curls,

On the top of the head – a red poppy,

And around – daisies!..

... That would be a head!

The head is what you need!

Forest, flowers, mushrooms, grass…

Silence. Coolness.

Author — A. Akhundova

Cartoon “Night Flower” Flower: Did you like it?

And I also have different petals and leaves. Shiny and matte.

 Compare “Shiny — matte”

We offer to consider pictures with Anthurium and Violet flowers, nail polishes of any colors — shiny and matte. Describe the flowers and what the child feels when viewing.

There are 2-3 Christmas tree toys in a box of shiny and matte colors. We ask the child to name them and describe them. What do some toys have in common, what do others have in common? 

Flower: So cool! You're a great fellow! I'm thrilled!

We express emotions/feelings. Delight

Delight is the highest degree of joy. We ask you to show the child how he sees it. We show the emotion ourselves with the help of facial expressions, body movements.

We give examples from life: we bought a coveted toy, the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

Talking to the child “I'm thrilled with....”

Flower: And let's see what we — flowers can do.

Moving on

“Flight of the Bumblebee” to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov. There are flowers on the floor (colorful mugs or pictures of flowers of the field and garden). The child jumps from one flower to another to the music. At the moment of pause, the baby stops at the flower. Says the color/name. Then continues the game.

Flower: It's great, isn't it? Let's get a bouquet.

We create. Application “Flowers”

Option 1. We will need: cardboard, strips and circles of colored paper, glue, colored pencils. On cardboard, decorate the bottom with green, the top with blue (you can also draw the sun and clouds). We make loops from the strips, glue them on circles, then on cardboard — flowers. We make grass from green strips with loops and glue it on cardboard.

Option 2. Chamomile from cotton pads

Flower: Hungry for something. We need to refresh ourselves.

Thematic snack

Depending on the time of the game, flowers can be made from scrambled eggs, fruits, dragees.

The game "Vases and flowers"

We arrange chairs / stools in a circle for one less than children. These are vases. Children are flowers. Everyone runs around to the music, and when there is a pause, the flower runs to the vase. Who did not get a vase — retires and takes one “vase" with him. 

We can do it ourselves (self-service/security skills)

Flower: What a good fellow you are! Played — put in place. 

Tell us that each thing / toy has its own house — “place". And when something is out of place, it means that the waif may not come back. Invite the child to be in the place of the one who got lost. What feelings would he have experienced?

In the room, offer to put toys in their places or find things in your house, so that you can always return them to their place after use.


On the cardboard is a sketch of a flower in a vase. We find our place for each piece of plasticine and “smear” it along the contour.

Flower: Wonderful. Do you know that flowers love music and dance very much? Here's a blade of grass for you — the conductor's wand. Wave it and see the magic!

Making music

We turn on the “Waltz of Flowers” (an excerpt from the ballet “The Nutcracker” by P.I. Tchaikovsky), the child as a conductor and watch the video. At this time, we put a paper blank of a red diamond among the petals of a flower or near a vase.

Flower: Hooray! It worked! We have learned so much new things. And they became friends. Let's go to the house. Look, what kind of figure do I have? What shape and color is it? It's a red diamond. He will be my window in the house. Let's stick it on.

Studying the shape/color: red rhombus

Cut out two red rhombuses of about 5 cm each from the paper . Stick one on the house in a pre-designated place. Stick the second figure on the blank and attach it to the base with adhesive tape. Also, it is advisable to prepare a small sticker / cut out of a magazine, etc. a flower no more than 3 cm so that it fits in the window and when closed it was not visible. With the child, stick a flower in the window.

Flower: What is the shape and color of my window? It's a red diamond. And what other red objects resembling a rhombus do you have?

Look for objects at home that resemble a red rhombus or make blanks of different sizes in advance.  

Ksenia Mishchenko.

21 ready-made scenario based on Agniya Barto's poems for kids of 1.5-4 years old is waiting for you in the project "Kitten is looking for friends".In each lesson there are 15 game blocks for useful, exciting and educational games with the baby.

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