The scenario of the game based on the poem by Agniya Barto "Pancakes"

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The scenario of the game based on the poem Pancakes

After playing with Agniya Barto's poems on the Kitten is Looking for Friends project, we invited the participants of the "Game Library" to come up with their own game scenarios based on the works of their favorite author as part of a creative task. And today the scenario of the game for kids: we will stage a verse, study a fire truck, play outdoor games, develop imagination and bake pancakes of unusual shape.

The poem "Pancakes"Everywhere Pavlik is honored:

Pavlik bakes pancakes.

He had a conversation at school —

He spoke by opening the notebook,

How much soda, how much salt,

How much oil you need to take.

Proved that instead of oil

You can also take margarine.

It was decided unanimously:

He spoke beautifully.

Who said such a speech,

He can bake pancakes!

But, comrades, hurry up —

We need to save the house soon!

Where do you have a fire extinguisher?

Smoke is pouring out from under the doors!

And the neighbors say: —

These pancakes are burning!

Oh, when it came down to it,

Our hero was disgraced —

Nine pancakes burned down,

And the tenth was raw!

It is not difficult to speak.,

It's hard to bake pancakes!

Author: Agnia Barto

For the game you will need:

What you will need to play

  • toy "Fire truck";
  • toy house;
  • dummy fire made of cardboard;
  • products for pancake dough;
  • a bottle of baby water or for sauce;
  • plasticine;
  • markers (yellow and red);
  • sheet A3;
  • tambourine;
  • ball.

We read the poem "Pancakes". Staged it. At the end, a fire truck arrives (we had a balloon in the form of a fire truck) and extinguishes the fire.


Special purpose vehicles

We discussed what other special purpose vehicles there are:

  • ambulance;
  • truck crane;
  • fuel tanker;
  • dump truck;
  • van, etc.

We studied what and how it is called in a fire truck. What they are needed for. Due to Klim's age, I answered my own questions.

What you need — not necessary in case of fire

The next point we decided to talk to Klim about what to do if there is a fire.

We tried to play a game of the "edible/inedible" type. I would throw the ball and say an action or an object. If it is necessary / useful during a fire, Klim had to catch the ball, if not necessary — to hit.

Due to age, it turned out to be a little early, but it should already be interesting from the age of 3. So we just discussed this issue.

Need: water, fire extinguisher, call for help, call 112, call parents.

No need to: hide, collect toys, use the elevator, open windows.

Then they decided with the child what form of pancake? What does it look like? There were many options, but we chose the tambourine and the sun — also flat and round.

Games with a tambourine

We played a tambourine. I "set" a certain rhythm, Klim had to repeat it.

Fine motor skills with plasticine and counting sticks

Then I drew a circle with a yellow felt-tip pen, and Klim laid out the rays with counting sticks.

A ball was rolled out of plasticine and pressed on it — a "pancake" was obtained.

The game "Push into the frying pan"

The next stage was decided to "warm up" a little.

I drew a frying pan on the A3 sheet. Klim stood on one side of the sheet, I opposite. Task: to push the opponent into a frying pan, that is, onto a sheet. Klim liked to do the opposite, push me out of the "frying pan", then we changed.

Playing with a frying pan

Drawing with pancake batter

In the end, we discussed why Pavlik couldn't bake pancakes, and decided that we needed to help him.

Drawing with pancake batter

Drawing dough for pancakes: we prepare the dough, pour it into a bottle. Draw something on a heated frying pan. And bake a pancake. At the end we drank tea with these pancakes.

Kolganova Anastasia, Klim 1 year 11 months, Zhukovsky.

Are you playing with your kids on your favorite poems? Tell us about the most interesting games in the comments!Try theme weeks now - get a synopsis for free!

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