11 ideas on how to celebrate Santa Claus's birthday with children

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How to celebrate the birthday of Santa Claus

On November 18, Santa Claus celebrates his Birthday and, of course, this is a great occasion for games, because the New Year is still far away. Yes, by children's standards, it's far from even the beginning of Advent and the New Year's quest. And the weather and supermarkets at the same time dictate the New Year mood. This year we turned to the enthusiastic moms of the club for help and they came up with a dozen ideas for quests and games for this holiday. Choose according to your taste and please the guys with a holiday with the invisible presence of a kind wizard right now!

Quest "Stolen materials for a gift"

Santa Claus has a birthday, which means you need to give him a gift. Most of all, grandpa loves gifts made with his own hands. So, we will make him a postcard or a craft made of paper / plasticine (who likes what).

But here's the trouble! At night, harmful trolls got into the house and hid everything they needed for a gift. It's good that the Housekeeper saw all this outrage, and left us hints on which to find materials for a surprise.

With each item found, we find another clue where to look for the next one. The finished craft can be sent to Santa Claus by mail. Address: 162390, Russia, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, Post Office of Santa Claus.

And for the child, a treat will miraculously appear in the refrigerator or on the shelf. And you can "discover" a treat before the quest. In this case, the child finds a yummy with a note from Santa Claus in which the wizard writes that this is a treat in honor of his Birthday. And you and the child, in turn, decide to make him a gift.

Tatiana Markova

Cake for Santa Claus

If it's a birthday, it means a cake! You can do cooking and bake a simple cake with your child, allowing him to decorate the treat himself.

Ingredients can be searched using the ideas for a culinary quest from this or this article. And you can immediately give everything to the child and make him responsible for the whole process, only carefully directing actions and helping where it is needed (suitable for children from 7 years old).

When the cake is ready, you will need to draw and sign a postcard for it. It can be sent through the portal in the freezer.

The idea is good for its simplicity and functionality: during the game, we talked with the child, spent time with him, passed on the experience and cooked a yummy.  

Dasha Holikova

The search for a good mood for Santa Claus

The New Year is on the nose, and the birthday. And Santa Claus lost his good mood. You need to find it and at the same time recharge yourself with a good mood. Are you ready? Then let's get started!

Tasks for the holiday:

  1. Decorate the room. We look for garlands and balloons in all rooms, and then we hang them on a real or artificial / decorative Christmas tree.
  2. We remember songs about Santa Claus. Who remembers more — the prize!
  3. Collecting a sweet gift. Yes, not only children love sweet gifts. Santa Claus too! We are looking for sweets, chocolates, choco pie, chupa-chups with the help of the game "hot-cold". We put them in a box and decorate the gift.
  4. We find Santa Claus, who usually stands under your Christmas tree in the coldest place ... of course, in the refrigerator!
  5. Let's have a real holiday! Garlands, light music, treats, songs, dances, disco, karaoke.

At the end, we pop balloons with darts. In each of them there is a wish for grandfather and everyone present. Santa Claus is having fun, everyone else is too!

Tatiana Zyatnina

Saving Santa Claus from Africa

Everyone knows that Santa Claus loves the cold… But he got to Africa in an incredible way and can't get out of there! How to save the good wizard? To do this, you need to pass several tests:

  1. We need to cool Santa Claus soon, otherwise he is very hot. Build him an ice room from pre-prepared ice cubes. And to make him feel more comfortable, use a pipette to draw water with paint and drip on ice cubes, beautiful patterns will turn out.
  2. Quickly crumple small snow lumps (snowflakes) out of paper and throw them at each other, as if it were a blizzard, to make it colder. Children will have fun!
  3. We need to figure out how to send Santa Claus back to the North Pole. To do this, turn on New Year's songs, sing along and call the deer. Children can be given hoops in the form of horns. But it's not easy to jump! You need to go through an obstacle course (from benches, chairs, ropes and other equipment) and dance the fawn dance.

When all the stages are completed, we find a toy or a picture of Santa Claus in a hot place (for example, at the battery). He thanks all the participants and gives the children small gifts.

Elena Voronina

Gingerbread cookies for the birthday boy

Santa Claus's birthday is coming soon! And he loves not only ice cream, but also warm gingerbread cakes, which are very pleasant to eat with tea and bask in winter evenings!

To bake gingerbread, you need to find the main ingredients at home: sugar, flour, honey, ginger, eggs. We are doing a culinary quest to find pictures of these ingredients at home. We hide them in a boot, under a pillow, on a window, under a table, in a closet. Next to each found component, we find a riddle about the location of the next one.  

When we have found everything, we return to the kitchen and cook gingerbread in the form of a snowflake, a snowman, a Christmas tree. Decorate, bake and eat with pleasure.

Tatiana Sidelnikova

Mittens as a gift

We are preparing mittens for Santa Claus as a gift. You can cut out blanks from thick paper or cardboard and decorate them according to your taste with stickers, sequins, pompoms, embroidery. Or sew felt and sew jewelry to them. It is better to choose a task based on the age and preferences of the child.

We make snowflakes with a hole punch (my children from 2 to 11 years old really like to do this). You can put them in a mitten or use them as confetti.

We blow up soap bubbles on the street. If it's freezing, you'll get ice bubbles. If it's quite warm, the children will just play with them.

We go to the feeder to pour food for the birds and find new mittens scattered in the snow. We need to find pairs. To get to each of them, you need to either walk through the snow or clear paths.

At the end of the walk, the children collect all the mittens and receive them as a gift from Santa Claus. And we leave mittens for the birthday boy-crafts near the feeder.

Alyona Churkina

Travel to the residence

Santa Claus has a birthday, which means it is necessary to organize a trip to his residence in Veliky Ustyug. To do this, you will need the ideas from this article.  

Don't forget to take some of his relatives from other countries with you. To do this, we show the child their images and briefly talk about them or watch a video. And, of course, to give grandfather a gift made with his own hands.

Tatiana Koltsova

Contests and gifts for the most diligent

Santa Claus loves to have all the houses beautifully decorated on his birthday. Since he is a jack-of-all-trades, he likes it when children decorate houses with their crafts. For the most diligent, he sends surprises to his parents.

Let's find out who is the most diligent here.

The Snowflakes contest. Parents make paper blanks for snowflakes in advance. Children can only cut them out. The winner is the one who cuts out more snowflakes in 5 minutes. Then they all hang or open snowflakes together.

Ice Cream contest. Santa Claus's favorite treat is ice cream. Children make toy ice cream from air plasticine. So that no one would be offended, there are 3 nominations — the most beautiful, the most ridiculous and the most appetizing. Children vote themselves.

The contest "Congratulations for Santa Claus". Parents inform children that they want to record and send congratulations from children to Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug. Children can somehow creatively congratulate the birthday boy. Nominations: a poetic greeting (with a simple rhyme: happy birthday ...); the longest greeting: the most unusual (if one of the children decided to dance or show some number).After each contest, we distribute surprises to the winners from Santa Claus. At the very end, you can write a joint congratulatory letter.

Tatiana Yasnaya

Gifts, decorations and treats

Santa Claus has a birthday, there is so much to do!

First of all, decorate the birthday boy's house. We build a house out of pillows, chairs, armchairs and necessarily cover with fluffy snow. Let it be a white sheet, white tinsel, etc. We make garlands with our own hands, cut and glue from paper.

We need a cake for the holiday, but Grandpa loves the cold. So we cook ice cream with our own hands. We look for the names of the products according to the prompts and together with my mother we make ice cream.

And most importantly — a gift for Santa Claus. And what will he like? You can give mittens — make a craft from threads. With older children, mittens can be sewn, knitted. Or to give a scarf — to weave in the form of pigtails from ordinary scarves or from threads in the form of crafts.

Natalia Press

Relatives of Santa Claus

Santa Claus invited relatives for his birthday: Santa Claus from America, Zuzu from Belarus, Joulupukki from Finland, Befana from Italy, Per Noel from France. Depending on the age of the child, pick up pictures of relatives from 3-10 countries.

They took off their clothes and sat down at the table. There are different dishes on the table: turkey, salted beans, roasted chestnut, vinaigrette, tangerines, grapes. Before each guest, it is necessary to arrange dishes that are suitable for him.

Next is a music competition. We dance a national dance to the folk music of each country.

Then the guests handed over the gifts, and the child makes a postcard or a mini-gift for Santa Claus with his own hands.

Everyone has gone home, and the clothes are mixed up. It is necessary to understand where whose hat / sheepskin coat, etc.

We saw everyone off, rested, and suddenly a cold wind blew (open the window). We approach the okroshka and see a gift: either a cake with an invitation to a tea party, or a mini-gift.

Ksenia Mishchenko

Snow Forfeits

Hurray! Santa Claus has a birthday today! Santa Claus is a famous mischievous and merry man, and wants his holiday to be fun and joyful. Therefore, he has prepared such an interesting fun for his dear guests-children – snow forfeits. For the game, we write tasks on A4 sheets in advance – one per sheet. We crumple the sheets in the form of snowballs and put them in a basket / box / bucket. Then each player takes one "snowball", unfolds and performs the written task.Job ideas:

  • perform a snowflake dance (prepare music in advance),
  • name 3 songs about winter/Santa Claus/New Year,
  • name 3 fun winter fun,
  • sing a song about a Christmas tree,
  • cut a snowflake out of paper,
  • draw a Christmas tree,
  • jump for a minute on one leg,
  • name 3 favorite treats of Santa Claus,
  • to name 3 assistants of Santa Claus,
  • do 5 squats,
  • walk like a penguin,
  • name 3 winter cartoons, etc.

Well, after the game it would be nice to have some food! By what? Of course, snowballs! We are preparing a salad "Snowballs" with the kids.Ingredients:

  • Processed cheese — 2 pcs .
  • Boiled egg — 3 pcs .
  • Crab sticks — 5 pcs.
  • Salt, pepper, sour cream / mayonnaise — to taste.
  • Garlic — 1 clove.
  • Coconut chips — 30 g .

All three on a grater, add salt, pepper, sour cream / mayonnaise, mix. Then we form snowballs and roll them in coconut chips. Voila! A delicious and satisfying treat is ready.

The source At the end we arrange a disco under cheerful New Year's songs about winter, Santa Claus and New Year.

Elena Bogdanova

Which of the ideas did you like the most? What will you play for Santa Claus's birthday?Do you need a script for a children's holiday?

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